Testimonies as a result of praying for the Holy Spirit

„This is the word of the Lord …: Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit“ Zechariah 4:6 NKJV

109.  I put off reading because I thought I already knew it to well. I was so wrong. – I praise the Lord for the booklet “Steps to Personal Revival.” My experiences: I read Dennis Smith’s 40-day books # 1-6. I realized how the Holy Spirit worked in and through my life. But then at some point I was distracted. I thank God for calling me back again. … I remember being given this booklet in January, but I put off reading  because I thought I already knew it knew it to well. I was so wrong. Then as I seek again for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, 3 or 4 weeks ago, a colleague sent me a pdf copy of this booklet. I was so excited that it came, while I needed it most. While reading I fell on my knees many times asking the Lord for forgiveness why I allowed myself to neglect this very important area of my life. Yesterday, Sabbath, I did fasting and prayer and surrendered my life again to the Lord and asked Him to use me and show me clearly the specific ministry that He wants me to do for Him. My work requires me to travel to different countries every month …I believe that this is a great opportunity for me to pass on this very important message through the power of the Holy Spirit to our brothers and sisters.
Finally, I believe that the Lord hears one of my earnest prayers. For months I have been asking the Lord to send me divine role models and mentors. – I will certainly share this message with my family and community when I get home. – Praise and thanks for this work.   M.A. EE130518 from Philippines

110. “I encourage you to pray daily for the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit for six weeks and see what happens.” –  This statement is reported in the Steps .. – book in chapter 6 –
My attention was caught by this statement. So I decided to keep a diary. I’m currently in the 6th week. I am overwhelmed by the blessings of the Holy Spirit. At first, I thought that I would change only inwardly. But then I noticed that suddenly my husband, our parents’ families and my colleagues showed a stronger spiritual interest and went to church more often. However, I did not realize that I had spoken much about Jesus with my husband, at work, and with friends. In addition, the Holy Spirit reminds me of Bible texts that I quote when I encourage and talk to someone. I feel more responsibility for my colleagues now. My uncle, a pensioner, deacon of the United Church has lung cancer and can not stop smoking. That’s why I prayed for his healing. Now he has made a great announcement in honor of God: He will sanctify the Sabbath in the future. Sunday is a wrong day of worship. I praise the Holy Ghost that my uncle has taken this bold step. I thank God for the Holy Spirit. I do not want to be a lukewarm Adventist anymore. We are now planning a community start-up at our place of residence. I thank you that I have learned to pray with promises. The Holy Spirit reminds me in prayer of the Bible texts. I have already read the book four times.
…. Yesterday I told my in-laws my experiences. My father-in-law picked up the brown brochure and asked, “Do you mean this book?” He bought it in 2017 but had not read it yet. He wants to read it now. He said Pastor Doug Bachelor mentioned this booklet because it is very important. My parents-in-law also want to read the book because they have noticed changes in my husband and myself – both in our outward appearance and in our dietary habits. I thank the Holy Spirit for his guidance in my life. In a short time, my life has changed through the Holy Spirit. I regret that I did not find the brochure earlier. I think of all the missed opportunities and regret my blindness. / Edited excerpt  I. M. 090518 from Papua New Guinea

111. Baptismal preparation – like the rising of the sun – I was baptized two months ago. As baptismal preparation, I have repeatedly read “Steps to Personal Revival” and “Abide in Jesus”. At first, not much happened, but after further study, something rose in me. It was not immediately understandable. It was like the rising of the sun, which had not yet appeared over the horizon. But after a few days, just like that, it was certainty. I suddenly felt without any doubt that the Holy Spirit is real! This created a huge joy. It also fundamentally changed my thinking by 180 degrees. I no longer think intellectually about Bible verses, but think about how best to formulate this fact. Or how this event most closely matches my experience. Now the word of God is actually the word of God to me, and not just a report that is logically constructed. I hope that many other people can experience God so real!   J.F. EE 070518 from Austria

112. Motor to read spiritual books – I want to thank my God for the book “Steps to Personal Revival”. I received it as a gift after my baptism and read the book in my mother tongue Kinyarwanda (Rwanda). It is a great pleasure for me to learn more about the Holy Spirit. I knew the three groups of people (natural, spiritual, carnal). I have been a member in various churches, e.g. among the Catholics, Pentecostals. I am grateful that I am now in the Adventist church. Everything is clear in this church. The “Steps Book” motivated me, as did Ellen White’s books.   E.T. EE 050518 shortened from Rwanda

113. The Holy Spirit changes the relationship with the church – Since I daily pray for the fulfillment with the Holy Spirit (sometimes twice a day and more often), I’ve changed like never before. I can only attribute that to the power of God. For the first time, I heard about your book through a sermon by Dwight Nelson. Then I downloaded your book, read it through several times and began to pray daily. I noticed that the Holy Spirit gave me a deep love for other people, especially for my church family. I had moved to a small town and had never found open access to this church: I did not like the church members. That’s why I stopped going there and just listened to online sermons. When I changed inwardly, I got a completely new relationship with the community almost overnight. Now I felt deep concern for the spiritual well-being of each individual church member. Now I like to go to the community. – I recently bought 30 “step books” to give away. I was asked to share my experiences in the community. – I would like to have books for friends also in Thai, Chinese and Swahili.  D.L. EE 160418 shortened from USA

114. Out of despondency – I learned from the “Steps booklet” through a conversation in the Bible group “Believe His Prophets.” This discussion was an answer from God for me personally, because I had been very depressed for some time, my prayer life had become weak and boring. Then I discovered the book and downloaded it, I am just reading Chapter 4. Already now I am leading a more intense prayer life, my relationship with my Lord returning to where she was before.   T.M. EE220418 shortened by Great Britain

115. Missionary reads the steps book. Result: printing of 5000 books in Mongolian – We pray that the Lord will use this book for the revival of many people around the world. On Sunday, April 15, 2018, Dwight Nelson’s testimony was sent by the General Conference Prayer Service, reporting on the changes that have occurred in his life through the “Steps Book.” I immediately read his testimony and downloaded the PDF copy of the steps book. I completed my first reading of the book today. I sent an email to my absent man with the subject: “This is how we can change our devotional life”. Before I finished the second chapter, I sent an e-mail to my colleagues in the mission leadership mentioning the book.
They decided that we study the book together in the morning devotion. Maybe we can translate it into Mongolian. I occupied myself for a few days with the example prayer. As I read the book again, I ask for deeper knowledge of how to pray for the Holy Spirit.
We need to pray more so that we deepen our relationship with God, our faithfulness and our obedience. This book of personal revival will inspire us to strengthen our relationship with God through His Spirit. I will continue reading this book. It is my sincere prayer that it changes my own life and that others are brought closer to Jesus.  A.P. EE 210418 shortened –  from Mongolia.
[Postscript: The Mongolian Mission has 3,000 members. They have printed 5,000 ex. Steps for personal revival to address all members and future interested people – July 2019]

116. Review – 11 baptisms in small community – Looking back over the last five years, it has become clear that we were able to witness the greatest blessing in those years when we studied and implemented the “40 Days of Prayer” several times. During this time there have been 11 baptisms in our small church. We are currently practicing the “40 Days of Prayer” with 13 groups of two and experiencing ever new revivals. But even the adversary has awakened and sometimes sends us even really possessed people, so that we are often unprepared to meet these poor souls with authority.  EE 22.3.2018 J.U.

117.  The Holy Spirit on the “driver’s seat” avoids “accidents” –  I have read the steps book four times and will be reading it at least twice. It was a blessing. I preached the last Sabbath (I am a layman). I now have a greater inner freedom to read in the Bible and the EGW books. I have a different attitude now. I want the Holy Ghost to sit in the driver’s seat. If I had done that years ago, how many “accidents” would I have avoided!    P.M. EE 210719 from USA

118. New fire kindled – I was an alcoholic / addict. After my liberation, I worked for 20 years in addiction. I was a church elder and preached for several years, both inside and outside the Adventist Church. In recent years, however, I became increasingly apathetic and aimless. On September 2, 2017, I watched the sermon of Dwight Nelson in which he upheld the book “Steps to Personal Revival.” Since the fire was rekindled in me. I watched another show with Dwight Nelson on September 9th. Then I searched for the book and finally found it by Lucas Jurek in Canada. I received 200 copies of him on November 10 and immediately began to read them. I sent Dwight Nelson’s PMC link to more than 100 Adventists in Dwight’s sermon. I bought several sentences from Dwight’s sermon and gave them along with books to three pastors in my area for their church members. I visited our Conference Leader and gave him and his wife a copy of your book. – We showed the DVD series in our little local church. Some have experienced significant changes. We’ve completed the 10 days of prayer and are just beginning to study Dennis Smith’s “40 Day Book”. However, I observe a greater impact on non-STA than on church members. I was asked for a copy by people from the “Church of God” and a former Catholic. I copied Dwight Nelson’s sermons and gave these men copies of your book. Personally, I read the book several times. I experience the same enthusiasm again as after my baptism. I have my first love again!  D.S. –  from USA

119. Greater closeness as married couple – My husband and I were so blessed when we read steps to personal revival. We are reading together for the 3rd time! It puts our life experiences into words and shows solutions for complicated life situations. Reading and praying together has led us to such closeness and unity as we have never experienced before! It’s so wonderful to be a team! Working, praying, educating, serving others is such a pleasure! – Where can we buy a box of these books?  A.C. reduced

120. This book also helps couples – I praise God for having opened my eyes spiritually since I read “Steps to Personal Revival.” I am not the same Christian anymore. As an Adventist, I thought I was an experienced Christian, but deep inside I realized something was missing. I fought in my married life for a good relationship with my husband, who is also a church member. Now we pray together and encourage each other to visit the church.
Actually, in 2017 I went to the Adventist bookstore only because I wanted to buy a Bible for my mother. There I was offered the brochure (steps …). I did not want to have it. The saleswoman pushed me and said, “This book also helps couples. My niece broke up with her husband. This book brought them together again. Now they are praying together and going to church together. “So I bought the book, I experience it as a precious treasure, and I was astonished that the Lord woke me up at 4 o’clock to read this book.” Read since then I also prefer reading the Bible, I’ve read the book 4 times now, talking to my husband about it, my parents, my two brothers and my two Adventist colleagues, every time I read the book and the Bible, I discover something new. Now all the verses about Jesus and the Holy Spirit become much clearer to me than before.    I. M.  080518 from Papua New Guinea

121. God longs for close fellowship with us – Thank you for “Steps to Personal Revival”. I have just finished reading this booklet. It contains an extremely important and unique message. I asked God for the Holy Spirit a year ago, and he sent me situations, people, and books that helped me identify the Holy Ghost and live under its influence. The booklet is very interesting, rich and short. It has confirmed many things that I have already seen in the church and in the Bible. When you realize that only through the guidance of the Holy Spirit can you really serve God, you see many things differently. Every day we need the renewal of the Holy Spirit. After reading the booklet, I understood that without the Holy Spirit, I can not serve or worship God. As I read the booklet, I realized that God longs for us to live in close communion with Him and that we do everything together with Him. He protects us, guides us in all truth, gives us joy, fills us with his peace and love, and teaches us to serve Jesus and to live with Christ”.  A. D. Belarus/Weißrussland

122. God wants to renew our thinking – I pray now that the Lord will send me the Holy Spirit and I will be baptized with the Holy Spirit so that I can reflect Jesus Christ’s character. First, the Holy Spirit started his wonderful activity of personal revival in me, and I believe he will do so in other church members. Today I understood that we can not serve God if our thinking is not completely renewed.  B. H. Lithuania

123. The flame lights up – Growing up in an Adventist environment, I’ve always been surrounded by religion. At the age of 13, I decided to baptize. But my spiritual life remained monotonous and boring. There was no flame in me. I was discouraged and did not know what to do with my life when one day a friend gave me the book “Abide in Jesus”.  “The first evening I could not stop reading, the familiar voice spoke to me again, evening after evening I read and the flame finally lit up, the more I read, the more I understood my mistake: I was missing the Holy Spirit. – As Adventists, we do not take time to consciously ask for the Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit can not be “bought” or “contracted for life”. This request must be renewed daily.
After reading the book several times, I could not imagine how a change could happen. God knew the answer and without being aware of it, my way of speaking, my attitude and my views changed. Day after day, others said I had changed. All this was only the work of the Holy Spirit. And suddenly the doors opened for my future career in France.   Young Man from France M. – L.T. # 532, 104 shortened

124. Unexpected answer – I wanted to board a train at 2 pm on a Friday and travel to my family in southern France. An unexpected task delayed my departure to the next day. I was disappointed and angry. Then it occurred to me that a lecture series began on Friday evening in the church. Out of defiance and without any special expectations, I went. I listened attentively to the experience of Brother Haubeil and was utterly shaken and moved by his words, especially the way God responded to his prayers. At home in the evening, I decided to ask God a question and hoped for an answer. The question was important to me and affected my future. After the prayer, I received the answer from God. One sentence I heard non-stop in my head. However, this was not the answer I expected. I thought, “That’s impossible.” But the sentence kept repeating itself. After a while, I let go of my hesitation and accepted, simply answering, “All right, Lord, all right,” and it became quiet in me, I will never forget that moment in my prayer, I am convinced that God is ours Prayers answer, and even though He does not always answer as we would like, it is always in our best, nothing is impossible for Him, and I am convinced that letting go of one’s own ideas is easy and absolutely necessary His will, guided and guided by our Creator He knows what is best for us yesterday, today and tomorrow.     Young man from France  S. –  LT # 532, #105

125. Conference President and Pastors A conference president told me that he had found the book Steps to Personal Revival interesting the first time he read it, but he didn’t understand everything. The second time he read it, he felt very uncomfortable – he had discovered what all he had missed due to a lack of the Holy Spirit. And the third time he read it, it completely penetrated him. Now, he prays every morning for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. The pastors in this conference have personally read the book, and are also studying a chapter every month together. They discuss it together at the pastor’s meeting. The ministerial secretary prepares questions for each chapter, which they answer in writing. H. H. MB50 from Ukraine

126. Do I have nothing or do I need nothing? – The booklet “Steps to Personal Revival” has been occupying me for several years now. The subtitle reveals the contents of this booklet: “Being filled with the Holy Spirit”. I do not know if I worked it out five or six times. But I’ve decided that I want to study it so often, until it’s part of my life. I want the Holy Spirit to determine my life.
The parable of the man who visits his friend at midnight because he has no bread for his guest is familiar to all of us. At first, one thinks that the parable is about prayer. Luke 11 Verse 9: “Ask, it shall be given unto you …” But if one looks more closely, one realizes that this parable is about the Holy Spirit. One sentence stands out: “I have nothing that I can give him”. It is the exact opposite of the attitude of Laodicea: “I do not need anything”. These two sentences, “I have nothing” and “I do need nothing,” are two ways that we, too, stand against. And we have to decide between them again and again. Jesus comes to the climax at the end of the parable. Verse 13: “If ye who are evil can give good gifts to your children, how much more shall the Father in heaven give the Holy Ghost to those who ask him!” In this verse lies the key to a successful proclamation of the Gospel, also for the book evangelization. The more we ask for the Holy Spirit, the closer our connection to Jesus becomes. It shows me that I can not fill myself. Every morning I need him. It is good to pray every morning – maybe to sing too: “Come into my heart, come into my heart, Come into my heart, Lord Jesus …” Ask God for it: “Bless me today. Lord, what is your will for today – not my will for today! Save me from being drifted and constantly serving only myself! –  In summary, this daily reception of the Holy Spirit will result in the worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit – when God’s Spirit is doing great things worldwide. Until then, we want to faithfully dedicate ourselves to God every day and do his work. (shortened) G. K. Austria Austria