Testimonies as a result of praying for the Holy Spirit

„This is the word of the Lord …: Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit“ Zechariah 4:6 NKJV

“62. 40 Days in Prayer” – Testimonies about the second 40-Days of Prayer at Zürich Wolfswinkel – Church, which were shared on the occasion of a spiritual festive hour on 25.10. 2013
Revival has to begin with us:
We carried out the “40 Days of Prayer” two years ago. This year, too, some church members met at six o’clock in the morning. We read the devotion together, talked about it, and prayed. To start the day this way, was optimal for me. We were using the second volume of  “40 Days in Prayer.” I began these days without special expectations, but already in the first week I noticed that the book appealed to me very much and I was able to take relevant steps in my faith. As it is, we do not just want to accumulate knowledge, but to put it into practice! The common prayer also brought us closer together. You get insight into what moves the other. All in all, I highly appreciate these “40 days in prayer”. When we pray for revival, it has to begin with us.      U.E.

63. Secretary of the Slovak Conference – We are very grateful to the Lord for the booklet “Steps to Personal Revival”. The booklet is almost out of print and has been taken to all Slovak churches by our preachers. God’s leading is incredible. The vision for the church, as adopted at the Delegation Meeting of the Slovak Conference in spring this year, is in complete harmony with the subject matter of the booklet. Everyone who has read it has identified its content as an impulse to the revival of personal prayer life. Some (including myself) have read this little book in one go, because it spoke so strongly to oneself,  that you could not put it down, before you had finished. I myself have started to read the booklet once again, and step by step, with God’s help, I follow the advice given. The experiences presented at the end of the booklet are also very good. Many have decided to read the booklet again and it has thus become the study material for quite a few prayer groups. We have not encountered a single negative reaction. Wherever we go to preach, we talk about this booklet, encouraging church members to read and study it, in order to allow the Holy Spirit, who is the true author after all, to accomplish this work in their hearts. The copies, which have remained in our Conference, we carry to all meetings, and we encourage the members to read this booklet. From January 2016 onwards, we will begin to train ministers and lay preachers in Slovakia. For this purpose, we have put aside a few copies of this booklet, because it will be one of the main study materials for every student.    (Abbreviated) For the Slovak Conference, Conference Secretary Daniel Márföldi

64. Translators from Pakistan – This team has translated the booklet “Steps to Personal Revival” into Urdu, the official language of Pakistan and six states of India. My co-translator said:
“I was very blessed by this book and received encouragement from Jesus. It is one of the most valuable books I have ever translated.” The corrector said: “We are delighted with this precious book. For me also it is the best book so far, on which I have been working. We are grateful that this book is now available to the people in Pakistan.” The designer said: “Two years ago I worked on a book by Mark Finley on the same topic. Thank you for this amazing new book, which shows us the steps to spiritual growth and revival. We most certainly need it.” The project manager says: “Since I have this book, I am changing from day to day. I know that I can grow through the Holy Spirit. I know that the Spirit of God will guide me in distributing the book in all four provinces of Pakistan.”    J.S. shortened, edited

65. From Mizoram – This is the easternmost state of India with 1.1 Mill. inhabitants and 20,000 SDA’s. This report comes from the head of the women’s department. She received “Steps to Personal Revival” in English from Australia, and another book about Laodicea.     “I had fasted and prayed in the preparation for our women’s conference. We were greatly blessed by the Lord. I had prepared three presentations on Laodicea and “Steps to Personal Revival”, booklets that had been sent to me, and much of the content from the two books were eye-openers for the participants. They all wanted to send material to their families, friends, and churches, and I want to take this message to as many churches as possible, and I have already sent messages to some churches.I plan to have the main points printed from the two books, in order to be able to give them to all interested parties. I know the Lord was with me during the meetings. Many commentaries expressed that the presentations were very lively and filled with the Holy Spirit, as we have never before experienced. The E.G.White quotes, which we had taken from the two books, were touching many listeners.I am strongly convinced that it was God’s plan for me to receive the two books. It is so important that these messages reach everyone, so that there is an awakening. I want to thank the Lord again, and also for the shipment of the two books. It gives me great joy to be able to communicate this. A prayer group prays especially for the spiritual aspect of my work as head of the women’s work, and also for my health. I am a heart patient and cancer survivor. We plan to reach the whole state of Mizoram. Some volunteers will support me. A sister told me that when we do this ministry, we have to pray a lot more, because the adversary does not sleep. Tomorrow I will announce this topic in church. Praise be to God.”       C.B. / C.H., abbreviated, edited

66. Church in Switzerland is growing – “Thank you very much for the mission letters that we are allowed to receive on a regular basis. They are appreciated and get read. Thanks to these books, we have conducted the  “40-Days” together in our church for three years. We are very blessed! Now our church is slowly growing, and we would like to get 35 copies instead of 30. Would that be possible?”     B.W.

67. From the Czech Republic – I am a baptized parishioner for fifty years and now retired. In recent years, reading the Bible and praying, the Holy Spirit has led me to change some of my attitudes. And your book is what I’ve been looking for, for many years. It should have been available 50 years ago! Brother, I would like to thank you for writing this book. The thoughts expressed therein are very close to my heart.      J.L. abbreviated

68. From Iceland – My sister and I have been praying for months together- we are getting many answers to prayer -your booklet is so ingredible, and help me to get the right way of thinking!      S.R.

69. From Scotland – The book is proving to be such a blessing to me and I will introduce it to our prayer circle here and others at our two churches. Thank you so very much for this inspiring book!      J.M.

70. From Fiji Islands – Indeed, this is a growing and blessed experience in my journey. Your book has been timely. I have read it four times and the message is filtering in but I am still to be saturated in it! I appreciate your testimony of praying the Bible promises.  This I have engaged in part, but your sharing encourages me in the need to grasp the power of the Word with the power of prayer fully, and enter into the freedom of God working through me that greater joy and blessing to others! Thank you for sharing that … I praise our God that His love for me is patient, but I don’t want to rest on that but to co-work with Him to embrace His gift and become active in living and imparting and empowering our fellow co-workers and Island Nations in prayer that truly brings fruit and a harvest!       A.N.

71. From India – I must tell you that your booklet is one of the most spirit filled books I am reading in recent times. I think we should pray that it gets translated into major languages, if notall. If people really read it with an open heart and a sincere willingness to put in practice the contents of it, the kingdom of God is going to be so enlarged and I am praying it right now. The translator told me that he was immensely touched by the contents of the book and he had preached about it on two occasions already, Praise God. God bless.    C.B. 20.05.16

72. From England – I really enjoyed reading this stimulating booklet “Steps to Personal Revival”, because it forced me to identify the fundamental reason for genuinely worshiping my God – Love!!! Having been a SDA Christian, I thought I knew it all. I had only been deceiving myself as I, unknowingly, became too comfortable with my own head knowledge, until I started reading this insight about the Holy Spirit; He was the key for strengthening my spiritual bond with God and living a more fulfilled life. I am now more humbled, and emotionally mature, by the author’s writing, and extremely grateful as I can confidently glorify our loving God, without doubt, and delicately impacting the lives of others in bringing them in a closer relationship with Christ. Thank you.”     H.P.

73. Oil in the lamp – Anyone who follows the suggestions of the booklet “Steps to personal revival” certainly has the necessary oil in his lamp.    H.K.

74. New, joyful Christianity – Through the 40-day books, my understanding of life with God has changed a lot, and I have become much freer and more solved. I now live a much more relaxed, joyful and exciting Christianity. Your brochure “steps …” made me even more clear.       S.M.

75. Pastor from England – I virtually read the book in one sitting and was taken on a spiritual roller coaster of despair and delight. It convinced me and challenged me. I ordered immediately 150 copies for my church because it convicted and challenged me. I look forward to my 3rd, 4th and 5th readings and to put the church on a spiritual war footing with the 40 day prayer and fast.
Part 2
I am preparing the church to receive the book at next week’s business meeting which I am calling- Revival Evangelism Business Meeting. I am praying for a spirit-filled response to what indeed, is (the Holy Spirit) an alien subject for church people! It’s frightening but exciting, too! I am anticipating a revolution and to share great testimonies.       D.M.

76. From Sweden – May I translate “Steps to Personal Revival” and “Abide in Jesus” into Swedish. “Abide in Jesus” surpasses all that I have studied on this subject. Even long-time members of the community say: Biblical words, which were difficult for me to understand, now have a concrete content. A leading sister in our church asked me to translate the books because they “replace many devotional books”. When the Holy Spirit dwells in us, we can pray in the Spirit with words given by the Holy Spirit.      L.K.

77. From Australia –  Can I get more brochures “steps to personal revival”? My 14 year old son has begun to pray the Holy Spirit. He has become a different boy. He has overcome his addictions. He now lives a victorious life. We are so grateful to God as he used this little book in my son’s life.       Pastor A.

78. From Martinique / Karibik –  I praise God for having given His Holy Spirit to write this book which in my opinion has come at the right time. When I started reading this small book, I could not stop and more and more, my eyes opened and I understood I was a christian living according to the flesh. I also understood the role of the Holy Spirit in the plan of salvation. I thank God for His love and for all He has put in place in order for us to be saved. I have already got 26 booklet that I distribute to those with whom I share and who are interested to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. I encouraged those who have started the walk with the Holy Spirit to persevere until they got full victory. We are eagerly awaiting the « 40 days -Prayer and Devotions to Prepare for the Second Coming» by Dennis Smith, in French. May the Lord bless His children throughout the world and let us be ready for His soon second coming.       J.L.

79. From Martinique / Karibik –  The reading of the book « Steps to Personal Revival» has changed my life and helped me to be conscious of the great work the Lord is willing to do in our lives by the daily baptism of the Holy Spirit. This book has also helped me to better understand the person of the Holy Spirit and the urgency for me to became with the help of God, a spiritual Christian and let Christ live His life fully in me. I praise God for this book that leads us to the Bible and I encourage all to read it again and again. I believe its message comes just on time for the church who is living the very last days of human history and the very soon coming of our long awaiting King and Saviour Jesus-Christ      P.

80. From Pakistan –  The book “Steps to personal Revival“ is like a glass of cold water. If a man will drink, it will refresh him. If you pour that cold water on a sleepy person, it works like an electric shock. Thanks writer, thanks bearer, to send our church this book. Personally I got many blessings by this book.       T.B.

81. From Indonesia –  Praise God for His mercy. I am totally moved by what I read from that very special book. Now, I have a very special relationship with Jesus and see things differently.I know this is God’s plan to prepare His people for latter rain.       J.S.

82. From the United States –  This Email was sent to Dennis Smith and Helmut Haubeil:
I just wanted to let you know that we have combined both of your books along with our Sabbath School Quarterly (1.Quarter 2017) and where we had three people attending prayer meeting in our church we currently have 20 people. Many have been members for over 20 years of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and are saying I never knew this about the Holy Spirit and our need to ask daily or of the need to have the Spirit baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many thought that when they were baptized by water and in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost that was all they needed to do and then wait for the latter rain. We are now seeing with our eyes wide open that we need to have the Spirit baptism, Ask for the Holy Spirit daily, claim prayer promises, and surrender daily so that we can be ready for the latter rain. Thank you for these books. We will be presenting this to the rest of our church members this Sabbath, we are praying that they may see their need and joining us in getting out of Laodicea.     R.M.

83. Lady Translator from an Asian country –  Aug.4, 2016
Thank you for your email. It is very clear to show me how to surrender my life every morning, I want to have this experience. I hope God will help me.
Aug.23, 2016
I’m praying for Holly Ghost on my life. I’m praying with promises as your model prayer. I hope God will answer my petition. Pray for me.
Aug.27, 2016
My father is a pastor, now he is retired. Although my father is a pastor, I usually had a doubt about God. In the past, sometimes I asked myself there was a God or not. I prayed a lot about this, I prayed God to take away my doubt, now I believe there is a God, but I know my belief is not enough, because Satan also believes like that. And I pray God open my mind, my spiritual eyes to see Him, so that I can feel His love, especially the love that He let His only son died on the Cross, but there is something cover my mind, I feel very disappointed because I am in the situation that Paul said in Romans 7:21. When I have a chance to read your booklet I have more hope. And I believe God knows me and answers my prayer. I continue to pray for Holy Spirit
Sept.2, 2016
I had to struggle a lot with my prayer. I told you that I usually felt sleepy when I pray, and I prayed because I had to pray, I didn’t think God would answer my prayer, but four days now I have felt better. When I translated your booklet some sentences impressed me: “He was clearly calling our attention to the fact that we absolutely need the Holy Spirit. In this way He wants us to continually receive the rich blessing of the Holy Ghost … Jesus then gave three examples. which show behavior that is unimaginable even for sinful human fathers. He wants to show us that it is even more unimaginable that our heavenly Father wouldn’t give us the Holy Ghost.” These sentences encouraged me, especially the sentence “more unimaginable that our heavenly Father wouldn’t give us the Holy Ghost.” I pay attention on these sentences to pray. I know God wants and really wants to give us the Holy Spirit. I continuously pray every day for the outpouring of Holy Ghost.
Febr.10, 2017
I’m very fine. My life is very happy now. I want to tell you a good news that the doubts in mind disappeared completely. I walk with God every day and feel peaceful.    T.A.N.