Testimonies as a result of praying for the Holy Spirit

„This is the word of the Lord …: Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit“ Zechariah 4:6 NKJV

Experience of churches in Guadeloupe / Caribbean with “Steps to personal Revival” and “10 Days – Prayer and Devotions to Experience the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

84. a –Our congregation had studied the booklet “Steps to Personal Revival”. Those who attended said they had wonderful experiences and how much the message changed their lives. The booklet  had prepared us well for what a sister who had moved to France told us: You are supposed to perform the Ten Days of prayer and fasting according to the book of Dennis Smith: “Ten days of prayer and devotions to experience  the baptism of the Holy Spirit.”
Unfortunately, not everyone felt the same desire. The church had experienced a lot in recent years and suffered from tensions and disappointments. She was cold, discouraged, quarreled and paralyzed. Sometimes you had the feeling that the message hit a concrete wall and did not reach the hearts. To our surprise, the community agreed to this proposal. Everything was organized quickly. The prayer meetings were scheduled for four o’clock in the morning. The parking lot was full every morning at four o’clock. The members began to sing songs and there was a warm spiritual atmosphere. Every morning, around 80 members (out of a total of 150) gathered for ten days. We were allowed to witness ten days before our eyes, as a church full of cold was filled with new love and how a church full of quarrels and tensions found to forgiveness and a new beginning. How a paralyzed church awakens and finds new life through the Spirit of God. The 10 days of prayer and fasting were so well received that they are now performed in this community at regular intervals.

84. b – Experience of another church in Guadeloupe / Caribbean

The second experience we have experienced with another community from our district. My predecessor said, “You need a lot of courage for this church because you are going to a real minefield! ». We quickly realized that the tensions were very high. There were quarrels, divisions, injuries and unforgiveness. Uncontrolled emotional outbursts and personal attacks covered the entire community with a dark cloud. It was sad to see how entangled the church members were in a web of non-forgiveness and did not realize they could not make it out on their own. After house groups were founded, the brochure “Steps to Personal Revival” was distributed for study in these groups. The members gave a positive echo and were very grateful for this brochure, which came for them. Here, too, the members began to perform the 10 prayer and fast days individually. Finally, the desire came up to do it together as a church. The meetings took place again at four o’clock in the morning. At first there were not many, but gradually there were more and there was a wonderful, peaceful, spiritual atmosphere. One sensed that God was working. He miraculously prepared the church for the final step that was so hard for her: the step to true forgiveness. Eventually, the wall fell and one person after another publicly begged forgiveness. Others were directly addressing the person with whom they were arguing and asking for forgiveness. They hugged each other. Tears flowed. The sad faces became happy again and love returned to their hearts. It is always a wonderful experience to see and experience. Only God can guide people through his Holy Spirit. There are also hopes for minefields.

Bettina & Félix Hélan have lived with their two sons in Guadeloupe for 12 years. Félix works there as a senior pastor and looks after a large district of 17 churches. He also teaches at the Theological Institute in Guadeloupe.

85 –  Enthusiasm about Change –
I’m excited about the changes that have and are occuring in my life through the booklet “Steps to Personal Revival”. I am very grateful for the much greater work that the Holy Spirit is having in my life. Many ways of witnessing have been opened by the Holy Spirit. Old habits have far less appeal. – I have used the basic messages form Dwight’s sermons on the Holy Spirit for

my presentations and are seeing lives changed by the work of the  Holy Spirit as people recommit their lives to Jesus. [3 Sermons from Dwight Nelson on the Fulfillment with the Holy Spirit –]     A changed brother in the Lord  C.H. EE300119 from USA

86. Dramatic change at the end of life. – My niece in her early 50s with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) passed away late last November. I gave her a copy of “Steps to Personal Revival”. About two weeks before she suddenly died, the Holy Spirit opened an opportunity to directly talk to her about her relationship with Jesus and the need to daily surrender to Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit. She at that time understood and surrendered her life to Jesus and prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Her life changed. Gone was the fear of death. Gone the uncertainty replaced with a trust and confidence in walking with Jesus. The change was dramatic. I know she rests  in Jesus and will rise again to eternal life when he comes.   C.H.  EE 300119  Nr.104 from USA

87. My life has changed completely  – My wife and I have studied your e-book “Steps to Personal Revival.” What a Divine Revelation and Inspiration! We have been guided, blessed and inspired. My life has completely changed. Thank you. We want our families and our community here in South Africa receive printed copies, most of them have no access to the Internet and e-books, how should we go about that? EE200619 LB from South Africa

88. We are sharing your books widely – 1,500 pieces – A Message of Encouragement: – My wife and I are sharing the Steps to personal Revival (in English and Spanish) and Abide in  Jesus books for free to anyone who requests one through our website. We have been sharing the books for 2 years, and given away over 1,000 copies of the booklet “Steps to Personal Revival” and 500 books “Abide in Jesus”. Thank you so much for the insights of these books. – I think the book “Abide in Jesus” is very necessary. Is there a Spanish translation? AFB EE040619 From USA

89. What a great book and eye-opener – I would like share briefly my story. In 2014, I joined a mission group. I was so filled and I felt a strong connection with God. But after a year it was as if I had lost my relationship with him, although there is still a yearning for him in my life. But I could not figure out what I could do to get back into this relationship. I am married to a pastor. It is very hard to be the wife of a pastor and have no relationship with God. My mother-in-law gave me your book and I believe that’s the answer I’ve been looking for so long. Thank you for writing true words to give the answer to the real problem: a lack of the Holy Spirit. NS EE010619 from South Africa

90.  My heart touched – “When I read this Steps to Personal Revival book in Hindi I felt something new about the Holy Spirit. What this book says really touched my heart. It is a book that everyone needs to read.” M.M.  EE150519      from India

Help for spiritual life – “This book is really helpful for my Spiritual life; it tells me how I can have the Holy Spirit everyday in my life. This book teaches me how to ask for the Holy Spirit day by day. Without God’s Holy Spirit, we cannot do any good things.”    S.B.  EE 150519  from Assam/India

91.  Escaped from Prison – committed his life to Jesus – returns voluntarily – I was born into an Adventist family. At 17, I was baptized. In 2016, I was sentenced to 43 years in prison for murder. I was able to escape from prison. I was on the run when I met a lady, After the first Sabbath she introduced to me the book Steps to Personal Revival. I read it through the same week and to my own surprise I could feel my inner emptiness, which I have had all my life – without the Holy Spirit. It was then I fully committed my life to Jesus. And praise God I went back to prison. My escape was not charged to me. And the best thing is that, my court case is now before the Almighty, I appealed o the Supreme Court. I was so blessed after going through this book, I am deeply convinced that there is/are no hopeless cases before God! I am now the leader of the prayer ministry. The booklet was distributed here in the Barawagi Prison among the prisoners. Many prisoners were touched by this booklet after reading it. I am glad that I can serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was and is a real blessing for us.   E. E.   EE260419 from Papua New Guinea

92. I wasted time taking for granted the most important thing – from being filled by the Holy Spirit. I am reading Steps to Personal Revival in Spanish for the third time. I have realized how much time I have wasted as a church member and SDA pastor, because I have taken for granted the most important thing in my relationship with Jesus. The book came to me at a very special time in my life and ministry. All I can say is that I am enjoying the blessing through the Holy Spirit in my life in such a different manner and experience. The thesis of this book has become a reality in my life. Thank you!  E.L.  EE 300319   from USA

93.  Even doubters have no arguments – I have received Steps to personal Revival in Swedish a few weeks ago and I love it!  I’m reading it for the third time. I know without a doubt that this book was really led by the Holy Spirit. Since the 1960s, such a book is missing in Sweden, at that time wrote a Finnish pastor called Arazola something similar, but not so clear. This book makes it so clear and convincing that even one “Doubter” has no arguments   T.J. EE100319 from Sweden

94. We suffer from spiritual not financial poverty – Late last year, I attended a meeting at Spicer Adventist University. The main US speaker had a copy of “Steps to Personal Revival” His speeches were from this book. He said, “We suffer from spiritual, not financial poverty.”   R.K. EE070219 from Bangladesh

95.  Serving in the church, but being carnal! – I am reading “Steps to Personal Revival” in Amharic. The book is like a mirror for me. I feel like it’s written especially for me. The chapter which touched me most is the part which talks about being in church but being carnal!!!!!  Being spiritually does not mean going to church to serve or to hear the word of God, or … it is the life which is filled with the Holy Spirit.  Knowing that we may look like real Christians in the eyes of men, we may serve in church without the Holy Spirit, this made me to stop and see myself. The book helps me to see the Holy Spirit differently. It make me feel that without the daily filling of the Holy Spirit my life is like a dry bone, if I am a carnal Christian. Thank you so much for the book.   S.S. EE040219 from Ethiopia

96.  … reached my full complete ministry – God is so good and has blessed us all through this amazing book. I am a retired pastor. When I first read this book, it changed my whole life. I have read it four times and conducted three seminars “Steps to Personal Revival”. After the second series of seminars, I felt that I have now reached my full complete ministry. If should die now, I will say, “I have fought a good fight of faith, I have finished the course. I’ve kept the faith. I have successful deliverd full ministry. …”It’s the icing on the cake. I am helping my local mission in evangelism and training. I am passionate about the Holy Spirit. Thanks so much for the book.    P. J. 261118  from Papua New Guinea

97.  … return to the basics – The truth in the book resonated me. I have preached about it (1 Cor.2 and 3) and created PowerPoint presentations in English and French. … I have been sharing the book with friends and family, praying that they experience a personal revival. Thank you again for helping us to return to the basics!  J.S. 231118 shortened  

98. Baptized again – I humbly thank the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ, for this book has changed me. Thank you for my receiving the Holy Spirit.  As a result, I returned to the Church and was baptized a second time in the name of Jesus Christ. May the name of Jesus Christ be glorified.  T.K. 231118 #98

99. Turning my spiritual life upside down – I read the book “Steps to Personal Revival” almost twice. This booklet has turned my spiritual life upside down. I praise God for this booklet and the blessings that come with it. Our wonderful God is so patient, loving and patient with me. This love is incredible.  190718 over.L.R. from D.T.

100.  The message for a dying world – I am very grateful to have come into contact with the book “Steps to Personal Revival”. God is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this message for a dying world.    P. V. Shortened 170718

101.  Request to every pastor – The president of our conference gave each pastor the book “Steps to Personal Revival” with a request to read it and to write a report about it.  P. V. EE170718 from USA

102.  Deferring marriage to a non-believer – Many are awaking from their sleep – We advised a young woman against marrying a non-believing partner and asked her to read the book Steps to Personal Revival. Much to our surprise, she ordered her own copy and decided to postpone the wedding. We will soon start reading this book together and praying together at the close of Sabbath. We are also studying this book with two churches. It’s worth the effort. Many people are awakening from their sleep and are learning how important it is to pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  P. V. EE 170718 from USA

103.  … most valuable script for the personal development of the spiritual life – I thank you for the wonderful book “Steps to Personal Revival.” It is the most valuable script for the personal development of the spiritual life that I know. I read it in my native language, the Telugu Indian language. I recommend this book to many I want to prepare myself to preach this topic to many people … It’s a perfect explanation and work well I’ve never had such a book. I’ve read a lot of books but this one is excellently explained and guides me step by step. It is encouraging that I now personally experience the Holy Spirit in my daily life, I can not remain silent, I would like to present this topic to many listeners.  PP EE 190217 shortened from India

104.  Bring our churches closer to Jesus – I would like to thank you for translating and using this book for our entire Union. The encouragement and teachings contained in this book have personally blessed me, and I am sure that the Holy Spirit will use them to bring our church closer to Jesus and personally experience the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit at work.  B. F. EE 070818 President of a 500,000-member Union

105.  Very important books to wake us up
Will “Abide in Jesus” be converted into an e-book for Kindle? [It is available in German and English as an e-book]. I have never read such exciting books like these. … I want to be able to take the book as a great source of the work of the Holy Spirit. I did not realize that I am a carnal Christian until I read these books. These books are very important for us to wake up from our sleep. D.L. EE 260618

106.  The book focuses on the Holy Spirit – I read “Steps to Personal Revival”. It helps me to focus more on the Holy Spirit … My life is being changed by becoming more and more filled with the Holy Spirit: He is using me to glorify Jesus. Can I get a sermon disposition so that I can preach about it? C.D. EE 240618 from Canada

107.  2,000 Audiobook-CDs made and distributed in English – In our community in Melbourne, Australia, the copies of the book “Steps to Personal Revival” have been distributed. I visited the website and downloaded the audiobook files. From this I made over 40 MP3-CDs and distributed them in our community. The book “Steps to Personal Revival” was a great blessing for me. For several years I had been praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. My long hours of work have prevented me from doing so. God helped me in that. I request permission to make audiobook-CDs for distribution throughout Australia. I want to start in the Victoria Conference. [He made it and distributed 2,000 audiobooks from “Steps …” by now.]   N.S. EE 230618 from Australia

108.  I asked God: Show me what I miss! – I want to praise God for the book “Steps to Personal Revival”. My way with God has been a bit difficult lately. I asked God to reveal to me what I miss. I often hear the broadcasts from 3ABN. It was about 2 a.m. when a calm voice woke me. When I awoke, I heard 3ABN and the speakers just mentioned the theme “Holy Spirit” and referred to the website “steps-to-personal-revival,info”. I immediately downloaded the book and have been reading it ever since in my devotional time. – This booklet has opened my spiritual eyes. I now recognize more clearly how crucial the Holy Spirit is and why he works here with us. I always knew he existed but could not grasp the dimension. This booklet made me understand who he is and what role he plays in my spiritual journey and also how important it is to invite the Holy Spirit on a daily basis to fight the old selfishness and other sinful desires. I have been reading this booklet out one after the other. It has made me very blessed. Now I also understand why my spiritual path has been so stony so far: I was not connected to the Holy Spirit, the source of power. I will pray for you.  R. V. EE220618 from Australia