Testimonies as a result of praying for the Holy Spirit

„This is the word of the Lord …: Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit“ Zechariah 4:6 NKJV

Experience of churches in Guadeloupe / Caribbean with “Steps to personal Revival” and “10 Days – Prayer and Devotions to Experience the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

84. a –Our congregation had studied the booklet “Steps to Personal Revival”. Those who attended said they had wonderful experiences and how much the message changed their lives. The booklet  had prepared us well for what a sister who had moved to France told us: You are supposed to perform the Ten Days of prayer and fasting according to the book of Dennis Smith: “Ten days of prayer and devotions to experience  the baptism of the Holy Spirit.”
Unfortunately, not everyone felt the same desire. The church had experienced a lot in recent years and suffered from tensions and disappointments. She was cold, discouraged, quarreled and paralyzed. Sometimes you had the feeling that the message hit a concrete wall and did not reach the hearts. To our surprise, the community agreed to this proposal. Everything was organized quickly. The prayer meetings were scheduled for four o’clock in the morning. The parking lot was full every morning at four o’clock. The members began to sing songs and there was a warm spiritual atmosphere. Every morning, around 80 members (out of a total of 150) gathered for ten days. We were allowed to witness ten days before our eyes, as a church full of cold was filled with new love and how a church full of quarrels and tensions found to forgiveness and a new beginning. How a paralyzed church awakens and finds new life through the Spirit of God. The 10 days of prayer and fasting were so well received that they are now performed in this community at regular intervals.

84. b – Experience of another church in Guadeloupe / Caribbean

The second experience we have experienced with another community from our district. My predecessor said, “You need a lot of courage for this church because you are going to a real minefield! ». We quickly realized that the tensions were very high. There were quarrels, divisions, injuries and unforgiveness. Uncontrolled emotional outbursts and personal attacks covered the entire community with a dark cloud. It was sad to see how entangled the church members were in a web of non-forgiveness and did not realize they could not make it out on their own. After house groups were founded, the brochure “Steps to Personal Revival” was distributed for study in these groups. The members gave a positive echo and were very grateful for this brochure, which came for them. Here, too, the members began to perform the 10 prayer and fast days individually. Finally, the desire came up to do it together as a church. The meetings took place again at four o’clock in the morning. At first there were not many, but gradually there were more and there was a wonderful, peaceful, spiritual atmosphere. One sensed that God was working. He miraculously prepared the church for the final step that was so hard for her: the step to true forgiveness. Eventually, the wall fell and one person after another publicly begged forgiveness. Others were directly addressing the person with whom they were arguing and asking for forgiveness. They hugged each other. Tears flowed. The sad faces became happy again and love returned to their hearts. It is always a wonderful experience to see and experience. Only God can guide people through his Holy Spirit. There are also hopes for minefields.

Bettina & Félix Hélan have lived with their two sons in Guadeloupe for 12 years. Félix works there as a senior pastor and looks after a large district of 17 churches. He also teaches at the Theological Institute in Guadeloupe.