Testimonies as a result of praying for the Holy Spirit

„This is the word of the Lord …: Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit“ Zechariah 4:6 NKJV

173. Missionschool-Students and the Revival Message
Let me briefly share a beautiful experience: A graduate of TGM (Austrian Medical Missonary School), Jakob* (name changed), now works in a big city as Bible worker. He got us to the end of last week visited at the Eden Mission School here in Czech. He has Steps to Personal Revival and Abiding in Jesus studied and now predominately gives sermons and lectures on these subjects. He notices, that these issues are extremely important, the most important in general, and that the Holy Spirit works very strongly when he does this issues. He also held one of his sermons with us at the   mission school that was really good and full of the Holy Spirit. He wants still study Spirit-Filled Workers of Jesus and From Lack to Abundance: How to have more of the Holy Spirit.
I am currently teaching the students directly from the book Spirit-Filled Co-workers of Jesus. The Students are really deeply impressed by this book and think that there are things in there that are very good and important, simple perfectly in a nutshell and very few Adventists remember it are aware. Our students are increasing from week to week motivated to the complete surrender and to the daily request for the Holy Spirit. You can also see how they grow and how God is using them. These are my first initial experiences, so to speak teaching this third book in a mission school. I myself am very grateful that our students really
more and more the Importance and absolute urgency of the Holy Spirit perceive.   EE 010722 S.N.  Director of Medical Mission School in Austria, now in Czech

174. Holy Spirit improves family live
I have a Good News. From June 9th to 30th my wife and I read the book Steps to personal Revival and prayed about the content every morning. It has been like we were doing a journey in search of the Holy Spirit every day. Praise the Lord, we achieved it, and many things happened. Our marriage relationship improved much, we became more tolerant and more supportive toward one another. Even our relationship with the children improved in a sense that the yelling to them diminished largely. We began to talk and to pray more about the Holy Spirit with them. My wife said this morning she has become more and more grateful to God during the journey. My deepest gratitude to our dear Lord.   #169 EE 300622 L.R. Pastor from Madagascar

175. Overwhelmed by the Chances
I first heard about Steps To Personal Revival in a podcast of Dwight’s September series on baptism by the Holy Spirit. I also started praying daily for a total filling of the Holy Spirit and I am overwhelmed by the changes it has brought in my life and perspective on life. Several months ago the Holy Spirit prompted me to reread Roger Morneau’s “Incredible Answers to Prayer,” “More Incredible Answers to Prayer,” When You Need More Incredible Answers to Prayer.” I found that these books go hand in hand with Steps to Personal Revival. I now have my own intercessory prayer ministry and every day I am seeing evidence of the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of those for whom I pray. “…I will pour out a spirit of grace and prayer…” (Zech 12:10)    PL www.revivalandreformation 2018 from USA

176. Experience, that God leads
I have only read the book once so far. It wasn’t until I got over halfway through that I got really enthused and started putting it into practice every morning. It has only been two weeks but I am already having those ‘synchronicity’ experiences, especially when visiting people in the hospitals as a volunteer pastoral carer. It almost gives me goosebumps. I started praying using Helmut Haubeil’s Model Prayer on page 98 but I am now using all 16 bible verses listed and pray my own prayer around them. Ellen White reminds us that the Holy Spirit will only come in answer to prayer.    MM www.revivalandreformation 2018 from USA