A brother once said: “This message has to reach every Adventist household around the world. I will do my part,” And he is doing it – intensely. A sister wrote: “This booklet should be translated into all main languages, or best into all.” She won over her conference and is now preaching this topic throughout all of the districts. Furthermore, through God’s guidance she has brought thousands of booklets into a neighboring country that wouldn’t accept the Christian faith previously..

Through God’s guidance, the booklet Steps to Personal Revival shall be passed on to all Adventist families in their own languages–free of charge. With the help of the pastors, numerous conferences and unions have already passed down free copies to the families within their respective districts. Trailblazers were the Swiss-German Conference in Switzerland, the Austrian Union in Austria, and the Baden-Wuerttemberg Conference in Germany. This project developed through God’s distinct initiative. Through God’s influence and by His grace more than 500,000 copies have been distributed in 2016. We would like to invite you to pray the Lord will continue to guide us and provide the necessary means to further the project. We usually request funds from Conferences or Unions with strong financial budgets to cover half of the printing costs. For others, but especially for missions, with God’s help, we would like to finance everything ourselves. But the end-user shall always receive the material free of charge, even in larger quantities.

A Sound Personal Requirement
We wish for you to reach others. A sound requirement for sharing is to have been personally blessed by this message and to have Christ live inside your heart by receiving the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Please read in The Desire of Ages, p. 676.2 [egwwritings.org] the precious reference to the word of Jesus in John 15:4:
„Abide in Me, and I in you.“ This means two things:

  • a constant receiving of His Spirit
  • a life of unreserved surrender to His service

Why did Jesus give this hint? “These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy [the joy of Jesus is a fruit of the Holy Spirit Gal. 5:22] might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.” (John 15:11)

Possibilities to Distribute:

It is essential that sharing the Gospel with certain people must be prepared through intercessory prayer. E.G. White says in Evangelism, p.341.3, “Through much prayer you must labor for souls, for this is the only method by which you can reach hearts.”

Distributing the booklet:
You can pass on the booklet by sharing your impressions and experiences with the receivers. These could be friends, leaders and people holding key positions in churches, conferences and unions, printing presses, mission projects, and other institutions. Another valuable opportunity is given during convention meetings at a booth or public distribution with the permission of the organizers. Keep in mind that every Adventist family shall receive a free copy.

The booklet can also be sent through mail or through people meeting the receivers personally.

Distribution through the internet
A most contemporary way to distribute the message is by email. The message was sent to Australia and from there passed on to Mizoram, India. It also reached Pakistan via Brazil. You can read the message at www.schritte-zur-persönlichen-erweckung.info . You can print and/or forward it through a simple link to one or many in all translated languages. You can also make people aware that the website is available in English at www.steps-to-personal-revival.info. By the end of 2016, with God’s guidance and the devoted support of translators, the message will be available in 20 languages, with 8 more languages to follow shortly thereafter. Through God’s help, many more will surely follow.

Distribution through e-books
A free e-book is available on this website in ‘epub’ and ‘mobi’ formats. You can also order the e-book via Amazon for €1.00.

Distribution through Social Networks
A very effective way to share contents of this website or a link to the PDF books with friends and acquaintances is through networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or WhatsApp. Through sharing and inviting, you can reach your personal contacts, as well as new people in different countries and continents.

Distribution through Sermons and Seminars
All pastors and lay preachers have the wonderful opportunity to share this message with the churches through one or numerous sermons. You can do this through your own studies or through using the materials from the booklet. “I have never preached a topic that the church had already heard or read about. Through educational research I know today that it is absolutely essential to read about or hear such an important topic 6-10 times,” (Personal experience and advice of Brother Helmut Haubeil). If you want, you can indicate that you are using the main thoughts and quotes from the booklet.

If you don’t preach the you can request others to use this topic in their sermons.

A Sabbath seminar with the general topic of “Steps to Personal Revival” should contain at least three topics:

What is the core of our problems?
Do our problems have a spiritual cause?
Do we lack the Holy Spirit?
How do I self-diagnose my Spiritual Life?
(These are main thoughts from the introduction, as well as chapters 1 and 2)

  1. Afternoon program:
    Our problems are solvable – But how?
    How can we develop a happy/joyful and strong Christian life?
    How does the Holy Spirit fill our life? The secret word is “daily”.
    (These are the main thoughts of chapter 3)
  2. Afternoon or evening program
    Key points for practical application/ How to apply it practically (Der Schlüssel zur Praxis)
    How can I practically apply and experience God’s solution in my life?
    How must I pray for the assurance of the infilling of the Holy Spirit?
    (These are the main thoughts of chapter 5)

Personal testimonies
Personal testimonies about the following topics are very valuable:

  • about personal impressions or insight that were gained through the reading material
  • about effects this message brought into our lives

Translation into your own local language
If the booklet has not been translated into your own local language, maybe you can – through prayer and God’s providence – find a person, who is willing and able to do it. Translator, that were personally touched by the message are of great advantage. So far, most of the translations were done voluntarily, since the translator also had a great interest in the spreading of this message. But sometimes translating is meant to make a living. Those translators were paid with “brotherly” wages. We are thankful, if you contact Helmut Haubeil personally in regard to translation matters. He has some good advices to share and makes sure, that the booklet is being released in the same format in every language.